A series of folios presenting design research by staff at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
The Cloud : Miàs Architects;
The Cloud
by Miàs Architects

The Cloud is the new headquarters of Andorra Telecom designed by Miàs Architects in Andorra la Vella. The team employed interdisciplinary design research methods to create an innovative building which works in tandem with its immediate urban context while respecting the city’s natural setting.

The project’s research significance lies in the sustained efforts of Miàs and his collaborators, who during a six-year period developed structural and environmental innovations for materialising a nearly zero energy building, set to be an important technological landmark in Andorra. Specifically, Miàs’ research into structural models led to an architecture that frees up public space on a narrow city centre plot by suspending the majority of the building above ground. The transparent, rounded form of the building is based on innovative façade engineering, where a double-curved glass façade acts as a climatic cushion, enhancing the building’s energy supply and distribution, and is also a communication screen for the city.

Andorra Telecom is a company of national importance as it exclusively provides universal public telecommunication services to Andorra. Five models of The Cloud are now part of the Permanent Collection of the Centre Pompidou, Paris.